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in reply to ImmaHeMan

She slept with five known game developers and journalists to get her game good reviews and is using her connections with them to censor anything bad about it and herself. This incident also shows the corruption and nepotism that’s plaguing both video game journalism and development. Of course we can’t forget about the feminist and SJWs who only make situations like these even worse.


in reply to CrowTheMagician

One incident of corruption is not an indicator of a definite “plague”, just like one American brought back to the homeland after contracting Ebola isn’t an indicator of a plague in the world outside the Internet. However, it should put you on the lookout, and precautions should be made to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

As of yet, all that can be said is that one psychopath acted in a self-beneficial way that harmed the rest of us, and that she’s trying to cover it up.


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