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Actually, the 9mm round (most common for the Micro-UZI, and other SMG class weapons) is a low-powered round, nothing “high-powered” about it. It also has almost no recoil (little more than a .22, but my 9mm PX4 is easy to keep on target) but when they’re coming out at rate of 1200 RPM, the combined recoil becomes a little higher and harder to control, but it doesn’t have strong recoil at all.

The Cute Master :3
The Cute Master :3

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Right, a 9mm round is a low-powered round. You can see that when she fired off the test shot. The combined firepower of her burst shots is what I’m calling high powered here. I don’t think it’s fair though to assume that she started off the day shooting an UZI as she appeared to have fairly good control over the test shot. The mistake was changing the rate of fire and thus making the weapon a high powered weapon.

In other words, the instructor might as well let her use a watering hose, but then switched the watering hose out with a fire fighting hose for her to control alone. No way she could have been prepared for that with out more muscle strength and training.


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