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Johanne - simsxD
Johanne - simsxD

the ‘turn to page 394’ is actually a meme – and a well known one as well… it just has to be explained better, by a potterhead. it has been the source of a lot of conspiracys as well, you know, people adding it together, people believing it has something to do with the parron 9 3/4 .. people putting together, that one page 394, is where they travel in time, and that snape is giving them advice, also that it leads to a page where lupin turns into a werewolf, and that can be linked, to the fact that he asks them to turn to page 394 to teach about werewolfs, which is a kind of clue to hermionie, so she figures out lupin is a werewolf. so, +1 wait


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