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Hello, i am supermonday and i am your unofficial greeter. I am going to tell you 5 important/awesome bronies who can help you in your journey into this place we call “The KYM pony page”. First we have the CMC, Sweetie Belle , Apple Bloom and Scootaloo who are all pretty awesome AND pretty important. Next we have Gigatoast who is a pretty great drawer (of ponies) and is also a person who has pretty good opinions on small stuff (like he has an actual reason why Luna sucks and Nightmare Moon is great that isn’t “Because ponies”. Go ahead and ask him about it). Finally we have Platus who is an awesome person who is pretty active here. Those are only 5 of the many epic bronies here though. If you ever have any questions or need some help just ask and we will all do our best to help.
Have a free pic as a “Welcome to the herd” present.


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