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Okay Giga, I give up. So no one is allowed to write pony fan-fic, unless it amounts to your high standards?
Look, I understand a lot of the fan-fic isn’t all that great (the Rule34 and gore stuff just shouldn’t exist). But the point of fan-fic is how writers show their love for something. I really don’t understand your general dislike for anything fan made.
I agree Luna isn’t all that great, simply because she had little involvement in the show. But its not okay for others to expand on her? Its called “being creative.” Do you feel this way about all the background ponies? Is it not okay for folks to write a history about Vinyl Scratch? Colgate? Dr Whooves? There comes a point where you need to stop judging, suspend your disbelief and just enjoy yourself.
Please understand, I’m not mad or anything. I’m just really trying to “get you”.
I honestly wish you good luck with your comic series. I look forward to it.


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