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Ara Hamako
Ara Hamako

Well, yeah, the PSP was kinda of expensive. I think mine was around $170 when I got it. But yeah, I’m really hoping the 3DS’s price’ll drop more. S’the only reason I don’t have one yet, because I can’t afford it. xD And if Equestria WERE to fall to the Heartless… As far as companions go, I’m torn. I think Applejack may be more of a Strength-type, and I love those. And of course Twilight would be the magic-type… Hmm… and as a summon, either Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash. Pinkie’s attacks would be sweets-related and that would be hilarious. Just pelt enemies with cupcakes or something. xD Dash’s would be super-quick and colorful… Damn. I wish they would put MLP in a Kingdom Hearts game. Damn disney. xD


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