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Luna's Personal Space Core

Couple of my nitpicky fanboy things: Mother 1/ Earthbound 0 was random encounter and is notorious for its extremely high encounter rate and tough enemies. Earthbound is also credited for “breaking the mold” of rpgs at the time because it was not about medieval/dragons and such, which is a big reason why its popular. Having said that, Mother 3 is a little different.

WARNING SPOILERS: Mother 3 is supposed to take place long after EB in a place called the nowhere islands, after some event destroyed the rest of the world. All the survivors (Except Leder, the really tall guy) had their memories erased so they could restart without the knowledge of evil or greed. Pokey/Porky wants to take advantage of this so he can finally rule the world, and his body is paralyzed from all the time travel stuff. He wants to release the Dark Dragon by using Lucas’s mindwiped brother Claus (names are angrams, Claus was an alternate costume for lucas in SSB) to pull the 7 needles guarded by the Magypsies. Mother 3 was the only game in the series where 8 melodies werent used.

Earthbound was also famous for all of its cultural refrences, which is a big reason it hasn’t been made on VC. See: A ton of beatles refrences, monty python, ect


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