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Minimum Requirements:

Vista requires a few tweaks:
1. Upgrade to 7 or downgrade to XP.
2. Violently and thoroughly tear off the Vista sticker on your CPU/Laptop.
3. Subject the Vista sticker to a series of interrogations, not forgetting the obligatory bright overhead table light, which you shine in said Vista sticker’s glowing, holographic, eyes.
4. Threaten to call customer service.
5. After that threat fails (because even Vista knows you would never have the guts to call customer service), laugh maniacally and put the Vista sticker in front of a television on which Toy Story 3 is playing. Make sure to loop the part where they hold hands in the landfill and the part where Andy gives the gang away.
6. Extract the single tear that will drip from Vista’s eyes. Use it with the pensieve to view Vista’s memories. If you have difficulties viewing Vista’s memories, defrag, reboot, and try again.
7. Finally, use Vista’s memories for torture. Once satisfied, burn the Vista sticker. Laugh maniacally again to end the ceremony.


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