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Zero Divided
Zero Divided

Hi guys!
Just wanted to tell you all that i’m working on Meme Cards.
Yes, actual working BATTLE CARDS.
Kinda like those Yu-Gi-Ho’s… but with their own design.

There are: Character Cards & Add-on/ Trap Cards.

Character Cards:
The Juggernaut

Add-on/ Trap Cards:
Imma Let You Finish
Falcon Punch

ATK: Attack power.
This is the amount of damage your card will inflict on the enemy’s defense.

DEF: Defense.
When this reaches zero your Character Card is KO’d.

1. Only one of each card is aloud per deck.
2. Minimum amount of cards per deck: 20
3. Maximum amount of cards per deck: 50
4. After 10 Character Cards get Ko’d you lose.


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