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Just so everyone knows, raped / ruined childhood is not an offshoot of Rule 34. It is the discovery that the things you enjoyed when you were a kid weren’t entirely so innocent now that you are an adult and the cruel world has made you realize just how much filth is everywhere. A rule 34 picture is designed with the intention of ruining someone’s childhood memories (i.e. a drawing of two cartoon characters having sex), but that is just rule 34.

A true example of a raped / ruined childhood would be if you went back and watch a cartoon, and realized that the animators snuck in a quick cycle of animation where it looks like the characters are humping each other, or a dirty joke or gag that would have went over your childish mind but it is apparent now that you are an adult. Or, it could simply be that your favorite show / movie / game was actually highly subversive, but you did not realize it until you were an adult.

TL;DR version: The key difference between rule 34 and raped / ruined childhood is that rule 34 is meant to take something innocent and then ruin it by re-imagining it as something lewd and foul, whereas raped / ruined childhood is when you realize as an adult that something was wrong with the thing you liked, and you simply didn’t realize it until you were an adult.


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