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I understand you now, and the rest of your kind. I believe my life is complete. Those who do not have souls are robots, but robots are awesome. People admire those without souls. That is why many people are fascinated by killers and dictators. I admire your soullessness like the rest of my kind who have souls. But the question is, do I have one myself? Do I have a soul? You seem wise, and without a soul you should be able to easily answer my question. I want your wisdom, and if you reject my question. Oh I guess I just wasted my time. But you wouldn’t do that? Not that I’m predicting what you are saying, for I know that ones with and without souls are impossible to predict on the internet. I have known this to late I fear, for many have judged me for judging others. They feel as if they are Judge Dredd themselves. Though they are not, it saddens me and I pity those who do. Also I would like to say I love you, because you don’t care anyways. Best wishes and intents from all of us on the other side of the wire.



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