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“Video games are my passion, and I have been playing them since I was at least 3 years old back on my dad’s Colecovision. Legend of Zelda or GTFO

This, my friend (we could be friends :D) is the kind of thing I wish I saw more, as far as gamers go. Your taste is pretty solid judging from this alone, and from that you get a follow. But anyways obviously the Zelda games are reoccuring miracles in gaming, for it is one of the only franchises that hold a grip on gamers, regardless of what hardware or taste one has in video games. Probably because of the amazing gameplay and brainwashingly good music, and the interesting turns in the story of each. As for the fact you mentioned a Colecovision, that is really cool and reminds me when I was a kid and I got an Atari 7800 from a family friend of ours. (which is backwards compatible with 2600 games) That console made me love older video game consoles, and now I collect them! So its great to see that I’m not the only one on communities like this who play older games, or at least appreciate them. (If my assumption was correct check out the user Aristocatification, he/she/it plays NES games!) As for the Colecovision it’s self, I strive to own one, for its awesome games like Jumpman Jr. and Gyruss. Infact the video below has scientific proof that the Colecovision is one of the strongest video game consoles ever made, even to this day! (had to split up long comment)


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