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Also Don’t let all the pissed off cursing get to you. I respect, value, and honor your opinions,your right to hold them and partly even agree with them. Remember what I said about “Watch what you say”. Well I guess that didn’t turn out that well. But anyways, I not asking you to remove your video or anything. I (as a brony) am not spreading it around, telling others to hate it or anything. Because In some rights you have a very valid point. Your word choice and the presentation was a bit off, in how you put this through but. I digress. My point I will always be who I am, and you should to. Don’t let others bother you so much. I know this sounds hard to rap you mind around (I assume) but argueing about people liking “cute farm animals” is just as dumb (through your eyes) as people liking them in the first place. Once again I leave you with a qoute.

“New opinions are always suspected, and usally opposed, without any other reason but because they are not common”

-John Locke

That goes for anyone involved on this issue, on both sides. People on the ‘hater’ side sometimes bring up good points. But because of what side they come from they disagree. Same with the ‘non-hater’ side. Heres a video that perfectly discribes EVERYTHING EVER:

(same qoute on my wall, but better in a way)


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