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I’ve noticed something apparent in many different creepy images. Smiles and lighting. It seems if you have reddish-white lighting with a certain “Flash” Appearance, it makes an image much creepier. I’ve been pondering why, and have come to the conclusion that this type of lighting is unpleasing to the eyes, and when mixed with an already creepy image, makes the brain feel disoriented, and your primal fear receptors kick in. And smiles, well, I’m not sure why they’re creepy. Possibly, a large smile like in the images above have to be mixed with sharp eyes, much like the fellow this article is about. What do you guys think?


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I think the smiles in these types of images are creepy because it tends to suggest malicious intent or the desire to hurt [the viewer]. Or, possibly, because the smile suggests that the images’ subject, well, “knows” something bad that will happen to the viewer.

Also, shadows. This ties in with the lighting theory you suggested.
Images with the reddish-white lighting and heavy shadows (particularly in the background) are often infintely creepier than those without.


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