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Much like every other “symbol,” “Man” (as opposed to “woman” or “male child” or “female child”) has a shared understanding across English-speaking cultures. Most people within English-speaking cultures have a very definite idea of what “Man” means and what the expectations from men are. Furthermore, concepts of age and gender are usually firmly held beliefs for these cultures (and many other non-English speaking cultures as well.) It is the type of expectation and the strength that one holds to these expectations that draw conflict.
Now, under this school of thought, blind haters of MLP/any man or older male that likes it are hating us, because we challenge their view of what a man is. It may not appear to be that big of a deal to some people, having men do things that are not expected from men, but take a children and teens. They want so badly to be an adult. Take a look at commercials taking advantage of the strong desire to appear traditionally “manly.” They compare drinking other beers or using other products to childlike or stereotypically un-masculine behaviors. Think of insults used everyday. “Don’t be such a girl.” “Don’t be such a baby.”
People tend to have a very specific idea of what a man is like. And they hold dearly to it.


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