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Like Algernon said, it would take a lot of time and mental effort to change one’s view of the world, and changing or accepting how another man lives his life as being “a man’s life” would threaten his view of the world, and perhaps his view of himself. This is very much a case of cognitive dissonance, but it is based in social norms. By all of this, haters hate because they, literally, cannot view men to do things unexpected from men normally.
Daniel Vasquez and Algernon make a great point, too, though. Not all haters are like that. It would probably only take one or two annoying bronies to make a person hate all bronies. And, of course, some people simply don’t like the show, and seeing Pony on the Internet (or on the trending bar or in every other new picture on KYM or showing up in their favorite webcomics or showing up in names of people they play with online or seeing pony avatars everywhere or searching YouTube and seeing a pony video made of everything meme…) would be just plain annoying.
For example, I don’t like excessive violence or gore. If I had to see my favorite webcomics show gore and every other picture on my favorite sites be devoted to gore or searching videos and seeing gore all of the time, I’d probably grow hateful too. And, of course, all those don’t explain every hater. But, suffice it to say, I’ve given it a lot of thought.


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