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I told Algernon that haters are ensorceled.
That blatant lie aside, I put up a more in-depth explanation on Jolly Jew’s wall
Very basically, haters may have a such a strong attachment to their perception of what a “man” should be, that conceding that men who do not fit that mold (by doing something historically perceived and promoted as very girly) would force them to change their view of the world, and perhaps themselves. Think of it like a lifelong evangelical come to realize that God does not exist. It would change everything about how they went about life. It would do the same for some people who think of gender and gender norms in such a way.
To be honest, though, Algernon phrased it much better than I did here. And all haters aren’t hating because their intolerant. Some just don’t like ponies or their experience with most bronies.


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