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Let’s see if I can do this since I don’t think I could block quote on a wall.

“Haters of Bronies who are actually being antagonized by some Bronies have an argument of sorts. They should figure we all aren’t like that, though.”
They could, but generally haters don’t tend to look into details like that. (Most haters anyways so I’ve noticed, and so far, other then the trending bar and activity deal, (which still in my opinion shouldn’t matter), I haven’t really seen anyone forcing MLP on anyone else., but that’s just me.

“Haters of the show…I understand their annoyance of seeing ponies everywhere, but such is the nature of the Internet. "
Yeah, as a furry who has an account on FurAffinity, I know how this is. It’s best to just ignore it and move on.

“Haters for being ignorant-minded sexists: They get no sympathy from me either.”
If this means the people who use the terms “gay” “faggot” and such on things like the forums, videos and such, yes, no sir, I don’t like them.


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