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Oh, it seems you were asking SovietCrusade the same thing.
Well, since he’s Russian, he will give you a better idea of the collapse of the USSR and daily life afterwards better than me (Because of first-hand experience), But I do know someone who was born in Russia and was living there during the USSR’s collapse. So:
In 1991 the USSR officially collapsed and eventually re-organized into the Russian Federation. Russia today is a semi-capitalist Oligarchy run by a president and a board of political members. Life in Russia did not change nearly at all because the Russian people already had hard lives, and a good amount of the people didn’t have homes for the government to evict, and instead they lived in state-owned housing. A good many people also grew their own food, so when food stopped coming into the stores, no one really noticed.
That’s just a short summary of what I believe to have happened, told to me and my family members by my source. Don’t completely trust the info I’m giving you though, I don’t remember too clearly about all the details.


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