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Because I feel like a dick not being active enough on this site. I cannot blame myself on that though or anyone else. I shouldn’t put that burden on myself but I need a mental rest from the interwebz and thats what I plan on doing. I greatly thank you for your kind words. I wish I could spend more time spreading my awesomeness, I really do. (paranoid parrot moment) Not that I’m egotistical and am only made out of awesome, but I really have this thing where I generally make everyone happy. I’m proud I have made me one of your idols, and I will do my best for my self image as well. Know Your Meme as I’ve said many, many times has helped my happiness increase in my life. It is truly something I am proud to be apart of, rather then just a user on a website. I have been on many websites promoting that they"celebrating and supporting the community". But for every example that has been all lies. Even if they aren’t up in front about it or mention it at all there are sites that fool you with an awesome community. This is the only one that has not lied to me. Lopunny, I like what I’ve seen you do. You’ve been doing generally good on this site. Keep it up.

A man who wishes for more but is happy


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