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Mister J
Mister J

Tom, before you say I’m a troll, hear me out.
Tom, I like your idea, but it isn’t really a meme.
Know Your Meme is like a Wikipedia for memes, and even in Wikipedia there is a option called “subject of deletion”. It’s not that the article isn’t well written or the mods want to troll the creator, it’s just that it doesn’t have enough impact or effect large enough in the whole world. The same goes with KYM. Even the best written articles may be deadpooled, because we don’t judge them from what’s written, we judge them from how widespread it is.
Say, if your idea becomes a hit, you are more than welcome to KYM and write about it. Unfortunately, this idea has not been widespread enough.
You might say KYM is a very mainstream site………and that’s probably true. Because mainstream is what makes a meme.
We appreciate your patience and understanding.


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