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This was done in support of Bronies not as a negative stance.

I myself am a Furry and I get so sick of the slander and paraspriting that goes on here against them.

Are there stereotypical Furrys? Yes.
Does that mean we all deserve a negative view? No.

Just as there are good and bad Bronies and this kind of stuff seems to bring the bad Bronies out of the wood work. Talking about love and tolerance but then cutting down another community for being different.

And there seems to be a weird standard going on here, turning PG-13 images into sexual suggestive context seem perfectly bloody fine. But dare to go the extra step and actuary make it into an adult piece OH DEAR LORD YOU’VE GONE TO FAR. Seriously every pony get your heads out of your flanks.

Does everyone like pony porn? No.
Does everyone have the right to like it if they want to? Yes.

I’m sure that many of you have seem 1 or 2 R34 images that you actually like but are just to ashamed to admit to. Just as myself, do I like pony porn? No. Do I actively seek it out? No. Are there exceptions to the rule? Indeed there are.

No one is shoving it down your throat, no one is forcing you to look at it. Leave people be and stop this senseless ignorance.

Stop being fakes and start being real elements of harmony.


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