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Drpepperfan #1 Fan Of Osaka
Drpepperfan #1 Fan Of Osaka

Your words make no sense. It wasn’t confirmed cause no-one had bothered to write a good page for it. It got updated recently to a much higher quality, and thus bam. Confirmed. If you’re such a fan, you should have requested editorship to get it improved faster.

Current memes are marked with stuff like Fresh, so they’re the new ones. We have a bunch of those every week. Obviously it’s going to be the older memes that get confirmed instead, cause you don’t wanna announce every new meme as being Confirmed, and then poof! Dead within a week. And you can’t just ignore a meme cause it’d old. What if we forget to add a All Your Base page? Should we not make one cause its so old? No, we do it anyway, cause it’s important internet history and a significant meme.

Think before you type.


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