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You like Anamanguchi? I love this guy already, we should be friends. Here is one of my favorite songs from them: also if you wish to trade around some chiptunes I’d be happy to share my wealth of knowledge on awesome 8-bit music. Lastly I want to read your fanfic, and will probably read it in a day or few. MLP Fanfics are a fever which sees no cure and makes me lose my sleep, but is usually worth it. No pressure though, because in the end regardless of quality I’ve read far into many, and finish about half of the complete ones I read. But seriously it would have to be total shit for me to not read it. After skiming (I hate that word) through chapter one I already want to read more, and actually read and not skim it… “I may bother to actually make a biography later.” I don’t know for sure what that means but I really like it…

Best of luck to those who dare


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