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This might be none of my business, but I feel like someone needs to intervene.
Katie you’re letting your emotions get the best of you, and acting overly defensive. I can understand that; I hate it when it things seem unfair towards me or my beliefs. Sometimes I feel like I can’t handle it either. But people don’t like it when you pin things on everyone else.
Now, people shouldn’t be karma-raping you, and if someone really did make a bunch of accounts to do so, then that’s just sad.
On the other hand, making a thread about it was unnecessary. Arguing with other users without thinking about what they’re saying is not a good strategy, and will only increase tensions between you and other users.
So it might be best to calm down, maybe take some time away from the site, and try to be a little less antagonistic. Others will be less antagonistic towards you in return.


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