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I will just put it here, in case my suggestion for a change somehow wont be approved.

The true origin of a Happy Cat was revealed thanks to blogspot user Corpuscula (post – http://corpuscula.blogspot.com/2010/07/blog-post_9590.html) and a person nicknamed Julia in that post.

Original photo was taken for a year 2002 calendar, and looked even funnier, thanks to a “sad cat” next to “happy cat” : (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/m0O2XlVi3Mc/TD8ZbaOdBiI/AAAAAAAACdo/l5D35tDd7L0/s1600/Solomatina11.jpg)

Happy Cat’s actual name is Mishel. He was born in 15.07.2001 in Russian pet center “Туманный Альбион” (“Foggy Albion”) in Moscow. (http://www.tumalbion.ru/details.php?aid=3)
His photos, including the one,used for “Can i haz cheezburger” picture, can still be found in sites gallery : http://www.tumalbion.ru/boys/index2.htm. There is one particular photo, that proves photos origin: http://www.tumalbion.ru/boys/slides/bigman9.htm – on this picture Mishel is seen lying on the same couch, that is present on canonical picture.

Unofficial (web 1.0) site with lower quality photos of Mishel and that “sad cat” can be found here : http://tumalbion.narod.ru/, along with some other photos of cats on the same couch, including low quality group photo of Mishel, “sad cat” and two younger kitten (http://tumalbion.narod.ru/solomatina_4.jpg).

He now lives happily with family that took him in somewhere in Moscow.


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