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Nice idea, Connor. Just make sure new folks have a link to CitationNeeded’s post so they can find the rest if them if the wall posts get pushed to a different page.

  • I’m a regular frequenter. I don’t post as often as others, but I’ve read every, single post from the first thread and this one.
  • I like studying culture, memes, sports, some anime, light-hearted video games, and conversation. The last part and my tendency to “overarticulate” is why I chose my username.
  • I dislike drama, R34 of characters from anything I already know, and blatant ignorance. A fan of Read the fcking manual.*
  • Twilight is normally my favorite pony, but Pinkie will overtake her at times.
  • Favorite Episode is either Party of One or Feeling Pinkie Keen.
  • I’ve been hooked since I watched the third episode (The Ticket Master) on the first day I learned about FiM via KYM. That was in March.
  • I’m the resident buzzkill on the forum. I type up long-winded responses and enjoy conversation. I post images on occasion but usually with some text. I’ve seen tons of art and comics, so come ask me if you’re looking for something (or supermonday or Blue Yoshi.) I’m also a grad student with a lot of free time in the US Central Time Zone, meaning I can post a little later than US Eastern Bronies and know just about everyone on the MLP thread.

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