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Well, since you asked…

I’m more of a lurker, but I do keep up with the Pony General, and post from time to time. My time zone makes it difficult to take part in the most heated conversation, but I’m there. I also spend some time rewriting old database entries. I also keep an eye up in the sky by using the KYM Activity section.

I’ve been a (casual) brony since late march. Ponies are kind of an exception for me, since I hate just about anything furry related. But since I don’t flame or troll, people aren’t even aware of that. I also draw ponies (because I can), and I’m good enough to be a member of #PoniesPlus at DeviantART.

I didn’t really get hooked until Bridle Gossip, and if I had to pick my favourites, they’d be Twilight and Trixie.


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