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'Macho Man' Staz
'Macho Man' Staz

felt I should do this and also post more in the thread for that matter.
I am Lolstaz
I exist in a state of flux between lurking and popping in to provide my two cents or just to chat (although it’s usually lurking). I try not to get involved in image wars just cause it’s not my thing and I try to make sure my every post is worthwhile or will at least interest somebody by double and triple checking everything before I post it.
My favourite pony is Rarity because Art of the Dress sold her and the show to me, reminded me of Red Hot Chili Peppers. My Favourite episode is either Party of One or Lesson Zero because insane ponies are awesome.
I do a bit of music from time to time. Currently I have 2 songs that have been on Equestria Daily, I wrote and recorded the music on my profile and I tabbed out the whole of Art of the Dress.


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