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'Macho Man' Staz
'Macho Man' Staz

if you ask me, this poster is more racist than the guy in the costume
the guy was obviously dressed up as a terrorist not someone from the middle east
if anything the person who made the poster is racist cause they made an immediate association between terrorists and middle eastern people


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obviously you’re right. keffiyehs are part of every culture on the face of the planet!

you’re an idiot. your explanation for why this is “not racist” goes out of its’ way to ignore the fact that the guy in the photo is clearly wearing middle eastern clothing. it’s not coincidentally racist.

'Macho Man' Staz
'Macho Man' Staz

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Okay, I’ll agree with you there. Perhaps my argument from a year ago is not as well thought out as I had originally thought.

Although, I’d say, what makes this costume arguably racist is the suggestion that all people from the middle east are terrorists.
It could be argued to be racist if the costume was labelled ‘Terrorist Outfit’ but it isn’t. Perhaps he’s dressed as a member of Al-Qaeda (which is likely because they are probably the most well known terrorist group). Al-Qaeda is mostly based in the middle east so really, there’s no problem with the costume. He couldn’t say that he’s a member of Al-Qaeda and dress up in Nike shoes and a GAP hat. That wouldn’t make any sense.


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