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There is a dire lack of sub-entries for this subculture. Then again, if we were to list all the legitimate memes, not only would the man hours required to compose the articles be extensive, but a properly-attended-to image pool for each could accidentally KYM. Why? Imagine MLP:FiM as it is after only a single year. It is already an internet sensation, with more memes joining the pool as time goes on. In fact, we receive more meme material per unit time than Touhou… ZUN only releases a Touhou game every year or so. Now imagine it having been here for FIFTEEN YEARS, during which time, MORE characters have been introduced, MORE interesting stories have been told, MORE songs featured, and MORE people (even outside of the west) have joined the fray and continued to create fan media of the series. Have I managed to scare you yet? BERO BERO BA~!


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