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If you want to talk about the sociology of bronies, I’m all for it… About what you mentioned earlier, I think that symbolic interaction accounts for a lot of how bronies communicate, but they’re not unique in that sense (general reaction faces for example). The fact that the culture is centred around a TV show provides a very concrete set of symbols, which allows more meanings to be ascribed to them, compared with a more general set (reaction faces tend to be pretty 1-dimensional). I think that since the characters are limited by the logistics of the show, and since symbolic interaction is so central to bronies’ communication, there’s been a collective push for more diverse meanings so that more emotions and ideas can be expressed, and that’s lead to all the art and fan fiction, etc. I mean, just look at Cupcakes; that really developed Pinkie’s insane side, which allows her as a symbol to represent much more than her character in the show.

lol, I spent too much time thinking about this…ah well, beats midterms

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