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Awesome, so you do know about sociology. From your post, you may actually have a better grasp of that school of sociological thought than I do.
I’ve only used my grounding to explain the development of the Brony community and how people interpret Bronies. I never used it to describe the characters too much. Simply, I think Bronies who are very zealous about their identification as a Brony do not have much to gain from identification as being stereotypically male in most cultures’ definition of adult male, because they did not have certain attributes that immediately set them to appear as (and therefore be perceived as, and treated as) people valued as men. So since they do not have much to gain by ascribing to values to which they cannot fully ascribe, they may have come to be more likely to seek acceptance and emotional rewards from a generally geeky, fairly well-known community that happens to be behind a decent show (basically, Brony culture is a bit of a shadow culture.)
But that’s cool though. If discussion like that comes up on the thread (or elsewhere in the forums,) then you know where I’m coming from. And you’ll know if I’m properly applying some theories (something that I fear I don’t do properly all of the time, but no one checks me on it.)
And welcome to the site! I hope to see you around some more.


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