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The different parts of footage with the sounds that can currently be heard are normally assembled next to each other and only seen while they are played (“Super Mario Scan.”), often with one “main tune” in the background and the other footage around this one (“Octascan”), scaled down if necessary (“Intensive Gaston Unit”).
When game music gets made into a YTMPV, gameplay might be seen in the background instead. (“My Little VVVVVV – Pony Cooker”, “Touch Filly, Get Silly”)
Footage that gets pitch-shifted is often mirrowed (“Mega Man Weed Tangent – Smoke Man”, “Regular No”), fades down (“Chowder & Mung’s Great Growing Adventure”) or jumps slightly up and down to reflect the the tone pitch.
In a similar manner, footage with higher tunes is sometimes also arranged on top with deeper tunes on the bottom (“Blocks Flash”)
Footage that produces a single long note sometimes gets zoomed out (“Nightmare-athon”)

Some YTPMVs also use a short introduction scene (“BenderSide”)

And then there are also “No BGM YTPMVs”, where a melody is imitated entirely by just using footage (quite a bunch of my previous examples, or “Ponyville Cantina”)

Another common convention that can be seen when checking through all the mentioned titles is that they are puns of the original music title, adapted to the footage used. (And as stated in the article, many of them don’t use the term “YTPMV” in their title)


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