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Oh, no worries at all. There’s no way to know unless you’re in the culture or you ask.
Briefly, it may stem from most black people in the US being from the Southern and Southeaster portion of the States, because blacks haven’t moved too much since slavery. In the south, most people, black or otherwise, generally eat Sweet Potato pie instead of Pumpkin pie. So even if American blacks move to other parts of the US, they may keep that tradition of eating sweet potato pie instead of pumpkin pie.
On a potentially biological level, I know I don’t like the texture of pumpkin pie as much, but it tastes a lot like sweet potato pie, which I love. So it may be that a lot of blacks share that dislike of the texture.
But it’s interesting you said that. I’ve never heard of black people not liking pumpkin pie before, but those may be the reasons behind it.


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