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I’ve been meaning to tell you; a couple days ago, I ran into a friend of mine at Starbucks who asked me for help in formatting a paper he’d written as part of his Ph.D. program. While most of what he needed was pretty simple, after I’d gotten his paper formatted correctly, he showed me a .pdf of a friend’s paper, and asked me, “Why is it that my paper is using Garamond, and so is his, but his title page looks so different?” I immediately saw what he was talking about; both papers were clearly in Garamond, but the other paper was somehow discernibly better Garamond. Thanks to the info you recently shared with me, I was able to discern that his friend had apparently used a professional version of Garamond that had the full range of small caps, ligatures, and non-lining numerals. (The latter being a topic we did not discuss, although it was probably the first thing in my life to stimulate interest in typefaces, back when I was only four years old and my mom put a typewriter in my bedroom.)


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