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Berry Punch
Berry Punch

ime for a little more.
As I said, my mother died giving birth to my sister and I. My dad, understandable, could not function normally after this. He took to drinking, beer was his favorite. He still had a job, paid the rent, got us food, kept us from dying (barely sometimes). My sister and I only sometimes went to public school. Mostly as younger fillies we just sat around the house and talked and played.We taught ourselves a lot under the circumstances, enough for us to survive with other ponies and for us to get decent jobs. Once we got our cutie marks (at a similar time) ((I’ll have to tell you guys that story too!)) We went and lived on our own. It was just too hectic at home.
We lived together for a good few years, Cheeri teaching and myself bartending (who would have guessed!?!). About that time we started to demonstrate the more interesting parts of our personalities. Cheeri was a fillyfooler and I was just a drunk bisexual nympho.
More probably tomorrow, Colgy’s calling me to bed now. Love you all! ASK QUESTIONS!


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