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Fantoche the 13th
Fantoche the 13th

Warning: What you’re going to read posses what could be considered a Titan Class amount of HERESY!! and possibly an immense potential to defile everything you ever considered once pure and good…
So, if you are indeed a person sensitive to flankhurt: please stop reading.

The place, a vast galaxy lost in the infinity of the Universe surrounded by the unknown.
In it lies the Segmentum Solar home of Equestria known to antiquity as Earth. The cradle of ponykind and the heart of the Equestrian Reign.
Under the Benevolent Rule of the Goddess-Princess, equidae has stretched far and deep into the heaven’s mantle, reaching every corner of the known space in a Reign of a million worlds.
With Her doctrine of Love, Tolerance, and Forgiveness and the everlasting power of Friendship ponykind had such a long time of peace and prosperity that that time would for ever be remembered as The Age of Harmony.
But at the very end… the galaxy proved to be a more apathetic place that the one it showed to be at first.
Confronted with the constant antipathy of aliens and monsters, atacked from within by those who fell to the tainting power of discord and disharmony, the Golden Age of ponykind reached it’s tragic end.


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