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Fantoche the 13th
Fantoche the 13th

Our time, thousand of years after that end. Thousand of years that the Reign of Ponykind had endure, grasping to the edge of the abyss from the last remains of Harmony, always following Her command.
Love, Tolerance, Forgiveness. And the everlasting power of Friendship.
These are the early years of the forty-first millennium and the beginning of a new age for ponykind.
This is the far and dark future. And there is only war…

In the grim darkness of the forty-first millennium there is only war… (and ponies)

First of all I want to apologize myself before hand. English is not my native tongue, but since english is such a capitalized language on the internetz I must abide and do my best effort to make myself understandable. And I want to ask you all to forgive every possible slip I would (most likely) get to do.


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