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Fantoche the 13th
Fantoche the 13th

And why I’m writing all this non-sense in my wall?
All of this is because I’am at my first intent to write a fanfiction that resemble anything near an under-average level of quality.
An history that mix two of my favorite things this year: The awesome crapsacktastic world of Warhammer 40k & My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic diabetes inducing sugar bowlish coolness!
Not one universe crossing into the other, nor one history about a character finding a way into Terra/Equestria.
I want to do a lulzy interpretation of what would happen if we take both of them and put them inside an universal blender.
And since I’m trying to do something that will be enjoyable, or at the very least “edible”, I want to honestly ask to every brony and possible Warhammer fan around here what are your thoughts. Because I will admit, nothing make you wish to finish a project as a little pat in the back (low self esteem brony here).

Love the heretic, Tolerate the mutant, Forgive the parasprite…

Well just that. Thumb up or down, or if you prefer comment. The simple fact that you take a second to read this is more than enough. Even as I already have many things thought through, I’m still finishing some details (beside the fact of starting to put everything together) and I think I will post a little synopsis of the fanfiction later here in my wall.

Since now, thanks everypony.


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