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While I agree this is something worth fighting against, I have issues with this infographic. My first and foremost issue is the use of graphs not based on any particular research which as far as I can tell are meaningless. Look, here are the same graphs to show the effects of repealing Bush-era tax cuts for the rich:


…and they’re just as meaningful in that context.

Some lesser issues include: The phrase “The same website censorship method used by CHINA, IRAN, AND SYRIA”, which serves to link the idea of web censorship to countries considered “bad”, while of course not mentioning that this is also the method used in Norway, Denmark, Estonia, and Belgium, among others. In the same section, claiming that “censorship could become the new standard” is questionable. According to ONI, there are 43 countries that censor the Internet more pervasively than the U.S.A., which IMO is a substantial enough amount to question the idea of a censorship “standard”.

There are a number of other statements that are vague and unexplained, and the entirety of the content is completely unsourced; but I’m going to stop rambling now, because as usual, I’m being far too verbose. Suffice it to say that I hope the for the sake of this cause, the information on the site this came from (I assume is presented in a much better manner than this.


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