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Berry Punch
Berry Punch

Me and Pokey:
I can’t remember if I put this in my last post but let me restate. Pokey came to the bar (it was actually a bar in a club) all the time, trying to get me to like him. Sadly it succeeded. I convinced me to love him and have a “meaningful” (now meaningless) relationship. One time he just forgot and got me pregnant. I got really, and I mean really sick, we originally thought I was going to die. When her found out about the foal, he ran like a coward. There are rumors he went to live with the Diamond Dogs (he worked with Rarity and knew here gem spell.) He came back several years later, can’t find work (like and ex-con from your world).
I’ll tell you about why I kept Ruby later (I wasn’t so happy about having a foal at the time.) Just remind me.


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