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I see Pedobear as something analogous to comical depictions of the Grim Reaper. It’s reducing a taboo subject to something less formidable so we can explore our own thoughts about it. FWIW, some people have some strange-ass fetishes when it comes to porn, and there are a variety of things that people get turned on looking at but wouldn’t do in real life. Like vore, for instance (plz do not be doing vore in real life). I suspect something similar goes on with loli as well, but because we automatically associate loli cartoons with pedophilia and associate that with child sexual abuse, there’s that tension and confusion over how horrible people really are for looking at various types of porn. I think that’s a goodly part of what fuels the fascination with Pedobear. People get to play with the boundaries of acceptability when they shoop him in images.


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