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Berry Punch
Berry Punch

Time for more of my delicious backstory? Don’tca think?
Back when Pokey and I were together. One night I was feeling really sick. Couldn’t eat at all, kept throwing up, horrible stomach aches. Went to the hospital with Pokey. The doctors said that I might have a serious intestinal problem. I was really scared, he was there for me then. Eventually after they ran all the blood test (blood alcohol level 25% BTW) they found out I was pregnant. He just sort of stood there dumbfounded for awhile after the doctor (well Nurse Red Heart, bless her soul) told us the results. He walk out of my room, out of the hospital without saying a word. Headed straight home, took all the stuff that was his that he could carry. Left to go live with the Diamond Dogs (I’ve already told you why, go look at my tumblr for Celestia’s sake!).
Now comes the sad part…


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