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Berry Punch
Berry Punch

I wanted to follow him, but Nurse Red Heart made me stay to make sure I was okay. (She’s such a nice pony…) The next day I walked into my house, wandered around calling his name. Wen’t into my room that he had been using. All his drawers were empty, everything of his was gone. I staggered into the bathroom , saw the picture of him I kept on my mirror, punched out the mirror and proceeded to do the same to each mirror in the house.
Then I got to the liquor cabinet and drank it all. All of it. Three bottles of vodka, 6 bottle of wine, 26 beers, 2 bottles of whiskey… Anything and everything I could get my hooves on. I wasn’t trying to commit suicide, I just didn’t care if I did or didn’t die. I passed out on a overturned couch where Cheeri found me 2 days later after arriving home from a teachers convention.
I went to the hospital again. Nurse Red Heart said I was lucky to not have lost my foal. I just laughed then…


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