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Hey Platus, it’s time for some updates.

First, there’ve been a few requests for Humanized Ponies on Re-Imaginings. And now that I think about it, how did none of us get this idea before. Humanized is definitely popular and worth a mention.

Second, the idea of adding Humanization gave me the idea of adding the fillies. Although less popular, they’re still popular and worth a mention.

However, with the Art Fads page we kinda have a problem. What’s the best page to add them. Humanization is devinitely better for Re-Imaginings. But Fillies gives me some doubt.

Last, I’m planning to remove Liarjack from Re-Imaginings and add it to Pony Reactions. This because it’s mainly used as a derivative of “I Lied!”, therefore a reaction.

Please give me your though on all points and I’ll wait on it before I’ll add anything.


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