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That Humanized page was created after my previous comment. The OP kinda acted on his own. So I’m currently still kinda confused what to do with it. I think I’ll wait a bit for now, see what kind of reactions that page gets first.

As for the blobs. Good idea, go ahead.

But another thing about Re-Imaginings. Blobs fits perfectly, nothing to say about that. But Fillies and Humans is definitely a far bigger subject than the things we added to Re-Imaginings so far. What do you think about it? Does it work fine with just an adding to Re-Imaginings, or is a different solution needed?

As for you ideas to improve other pages. I don’t know what you’re planning nor what you want to add, so I can’t really give my opinion. But I trust you, so go ahead if you think any work is needed on those pages.


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