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xmbo :3
xmbo :3

Dear Sir.
the article you speak of has been taken into the hands of better people. Please contact them. I still not sure of the authenticity of the words say. People put “New Rage Face” in there title all the time. It is your best bet to find more incriminating evidence, and give it to a Mister “Christopher the Pimp Abra”. If the evidence is good enough I will add you to editor, and let you edit it correctly.

Two flaws of witch I see:

How do I know if you are the man in the video?

What man in the video said could be a lie, just because he can create 2Gen rage faces doesn’t mean he created the"You Don’t Say" face.

Thank you for your time.

Sorry, not to be mean but being a new member doesn’t exactly help your chances.


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