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Ah, physics… That’s right, I stalked your conversation with Algernon from earlier when I wasn’t here, and I want in.

It requires infinite energy to accelerate mass to the speed of light because of Special Relativity. Specifically, because of something called the Lorentz factor (γ). Basically, relativistic mass (m~rel~) changes with velocity, according to m~rel~ = γm~0~, where (m~0~) is the rest (or “Classical”) mass. This means that E = γm~0~c². In Classical mechanics, γ = 1 and relativistic mass (m~rel~ ) equals rest mass (m~0~), but in Special Relativity, as an object approaches the speed of light ©, its relativistic mass approaches infinity, as does γ. This means infinite energy is required to accelerate an object to the speed of light.

I hope that explains it, at least somewhat.


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