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I have to agree with Algernon about the neutrino results. All of modern physics is based on the fact that the speed of light is the “Universal Speed Limit,” as it were. If something were indeed found to be exceeding it, everything we think we know about non-Classical Mechanics would be just plain wrong. Which is why, Algy, myself, and the scientific community in general are so skeptical. I mean, who would want to re-invent everything if we can avoid it?

And now matter how much they get touted in Star Trek, I highly doubt tachyons are real. Basically the only reason they’re theorized is to close some of the mathematical gaps in String Theory, and even if they did exist, they would be so unstable that they would be undetectable.

Also, great work with the Tonight Thread image…Inkscape can be such a menace sometimes. Help yourself to one of the badges off my profile if you feel so inclined.


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